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Sahyadri Institute Of VTC Facilities SIVTC is a well designed campus which offers all the modern facilities that are needed to provide.The students a safe, Secure and Happy Learning Environment. Courses Paramedical Courses -The health industry is one of the most important industries and significantly impacts a countries economy apart from physicians. There is a strong demand for paramedical, who serve as the backbone of any medical profession. Paramedical sometime known as " Allied health forces" aid physicians, deal with emergenies and perform other technical responsibilities.


Sahyadri Institute Of VTC Facilities

A domain under paramedical science, DMLT covers subjects about diagnosis and treatment through the use of laboratory equipment.
Diploma in Medical Radiography Technology Diploma level Radiography programme. Radiography involves the study of a medical subfield.
The Operation Theater and anesthsia technlogist are Responsible direct and indirect patient care, equipment set upand operation procedure.
physical medicine and rehabilation are the care of this field. Physical activity, Massage and movements
Nurses play crucial role health care are frequently the unsung heroes hospitals, emergency responce situationscommunity
fashion design is an exciting field that offers endles opportunities for creativity, innovation and self expression.
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