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Dr. B. R. Rode President

Dr. B. R. Rode

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ – Nelson Mandela

Education implies not just the acquisition of degrees but also developing. The skills required to succeed in the competitive globalised environment. Sahyadri Institute a premier in stition in the field of education the Institute has completed more than 05 glorious years of educating. Young mind. We providing Courses like MPSC, UPSC, Coaching, Skill, Development, Computer, management, technical Bes education Course. We at Sahyadri institute (SIT) after our students quality education along with opportities for multi- dimensional personality development. We provide a conducive atmosphere and proper infrastructure for research thereby encouraging students to explore the frontiers of knowledge. An educational institute is a temple of learning, and Character building it has a profound role to play in molding an impressionable mind a form less society and finally in shaping the destiny of an action it is a job of the highest responsibility of shaping thoughts. We encourage the student to develop their talent by providing excellent in forestry and training by experts in academic, sports and Cultural activities.